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Divider Rounder

Divider Rounders

Divider rounder Machine

International Site of Divider Rounder make the Red plates for the bakery industry, there are multiple names used for this product, such as; Red plates, Red Bakery Plates, Divider rounder plates, Rounder divider plates, Molding plates, Pressure plates, Bun divider moulder, Bun divider rounder plates, Bun divider/rounder plates, bun dividers/rounders, Divider rounder replacement plates etc. Whatever they are called, we make them from a high quality imported material from Germany. This material has been specifically and purposely blended to perform to the highest of standards, unlike some competing companies, trying to copy this product by making the plates out of a white cutting board material known as UHMW or HDPE.

We make many different models of plates for the divider/rounder, or, some say dividers/rounders bread, bun and roll making industry. We provide plates for; Erika, Fortuna, Dutchess, Eberhardt, Glimek, Rondo, Kemper, Nussex, Daub, Eshmach, Oliver; whether it be Automatic or Semi automatic machines and others, and the best part is, we keep most in stock and we ship quickly.

This means lower prices for you and a streamlined ordering and shipping process.

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